Blogging to learn by learning to blog

August 24, 2012
“Hello, World.”

I'v been wanting to start a blog for a while now, I always found some excuses to delay it: “I have to write my own blogging engine...”, “I will need too much time to keep it updated...”, “I need to improve my english first...” but the real reason was fear (yup, sounds like the lizard brain). It seems I finally overcame it.

Certainly I’m neither a good writer nor I have the english proficiency that I would like, but the effort I’m going to put in will compensate it and hopefully will help me to improve in both aspects.

I’m betting also on quality over quantity, I’ll try to write few articles but with good quality content and insights and try to keep the verbosity at minimum levels.

Why I'm starting a blog?

I’m not going to lie, I’ve read those “You should start blogging now!” articles, but what really made me click was that some weeks ago I found some interesting perspectives about blogging to learn. And so, my motivation will be to use this as a learning tool rather than a personal branding one.

With this philosophy in mind, I intend to transform my daily obsession of reading and consuming tech news (last time I checked I had over 100 RSS feeds on Google Reader) to a more “healthy” and analytical habit of selecting the best and the more relevant articles, share them and add some insights about them. I’m aware that producing content is much harder than consuming it but it is much more rewarding intellectually.

Sharing my notes

Some time ago I read an article about taking notes to improve learning and decided to follow its advice. So I changed my habits while reading books and watching (non-fiction) videos and started to take notes and extract the best parts to later compile a summary that I can use to remember the main ideas. This has helped me tremendously to increase the amount of things I can remember after reading and also helped me to distinguish the really valuable content from the rest.

I’m also planning to share here the notes I take and keep a sort of archive; making them public will make me put more effort into it.

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