Growth by Alex Schultz

October 13, 2014


  • Retention first: “Retention is the single most important thing for growth and retention comes from having a great idea and a great product to back up that idea, and great product market fit.”
  • [Strategy] Focus on one metric: Facebook had users, Whatsapp had messages sent, Airbnb has nights booked.
  • [Strategy] Drive users to the magic moment: How do you drive to the magic moment that gets people hooked on your service?
  • [Tactics] Internationalization (scalable)
  • [Tactics] Virality “think about virality about a product, in terms of three things: 1) payload - so how many people can you hit with any given viral blast 2) is conversion rate 3) frequency.”
  • [Tactics] SEO: keyword research, links and on-site.
  • [Tactics] Emails/Push: avoid spamming users; use notifications (personalized) over newsletters (generic); what notifications should we be sending?; how can I create triggered marketing campaigns?

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